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All about sildenafil citrate

Erectile dysfunction is a health disorder that is related with human males. In the layman language people also called it impotence. It is the inability of a male person in getting and keeping the erection hard enough for normal sexual intercourse to occur.

It Happens:

It is not a very abnormal problem. Many men have this issue every now and then. Unable to perform with highest sexual firmness can be experienced by any person once in a while. It should not be a very worrisome situation.

All about sildenafil citrate

You should be concerned if:

But if the problem becomes a regular disorder and leads to prolonged period of sexual inability, then you may be suffering from something called erectile dysfunction. This disorder gradually starts to affect your life in an adverse manner. Stress and anxiety is the most common outcome. Other problems that may arise due to erectile dysfunction may include reduction of self confidence levels, feeling of depression and low morale and hiccups in on going relationships.

Causes of erectile dysfunction can be many but getting it checked with a professional medical practitioner is a must. It might be signaling a more serious health problem like cardiac dysfunction or other organ diseases. It is best to set an appointment with a good doctor as soon as you start seeing signs of this health issue.

Common symptoms:

Below are some of the key symptoms that may help you assess whether you have erectile dysfunction or not:

  • You are finding hard to get an erection
  • You are unable to keep erection for some time period
  • Your sexual desires are diminishing.

If you are having similar symptoms, it is advised that you should not be embarrassed about the situation. Face the reality and go see a doctor.

Doctor check-up is necessary if:

Keeping in view the taboos and stigmas attached to such health issues in our society, people often hesitate to talk about such problems in public. Having an erectile dysfunction and coming out with it requires courage and support.

It is best that you select a doctor that you are most comfortable with. Most family physicians can help you with the initial symptoms identification and basic treatment.

So it is best to go to a doctor when:

  • You are concerned about your sexual erection inability
  • You are regularly suffering from other problems like mal-functioned ejaculations that cause you to ejaculate before or in a delayed period.
  • You suffer from other health issues like cardiac diseases, diabetes and other serious disorders of the body.
  • The erectile dysfunction is not the only problem. It is coupled with other functional issues as well.

Final Words:

These days science and technology is very superior and advanced. Among many other breakthroughs there are several treatments and medications available to treat erectile dysfunction as well. You have a look into these treatments first and then decide on your doctor appointment and treatment to be adopted. is quite a useful website that can help you get the necessary information.

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