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Consult Your Physician For The HGH As It Requires A Prescription In Canada And Other Countries

You may want to get back the youthful look and a muscular body structure at a later stage in life but it is highly possible in this age of technology and science. There is this Human Growth Hormone or the HGH that can help cut off body fat and increase your sexual urge at the same time. You will find your energy has increased with this compound and you have added to the muscle structure to gain a strong body. You must know that your body releases this growth hormone from the Pituitary gland and this helps in regeneration of cells and nurturing them at the same time. This is the process of gaining muscles and of making the bones dense.

Consult Your Physician For The HGH

Original growth hormone

The hormone also works wonder in maintaining the tissue health within the human body. The tissues of the brain and other organs are taken care of with these hormones. The pituitary secretes these growth hormones or GH and they flow in the blood stream for sometime. Then the liver converts these into some chemicals like insulin that helps in growth of the muscles of the body. This insulin like growing chemical is named IGF-1 and has got anabolic qualities. The people who were working with this IGF-1 finally harvested the HGH around 1981 and this worked for the body to enhance energy and instill superb performing ability. Today if one wants to buy this compound, he or she requires a prescription in Canada as in most of the countries.

Quantity produced by body

This is because this is a growth hormone that is powerful and should be taken when monitored by a responsible physician. The average human have this growth hormone that is produced by the body and it is almost less than 5 nanograms for each ml of the human blood. The hormone is at its peak during the puberty of the humans and then drops in quantity as they cross the arena of this age.

Dosage for muscle growth

When you are going for this magic drug – you should know that the dose should be 2 – 4 IU for each day. You will find that the thyroid hormone is lowered in the blood stream when you are on this steroid and so you should keep checking the hormone levels regularly. The body uses more of the hormones and so the balance is not always the same. You should also check the sugar level as it becomes instable during the initial stage. The modification of the dosage will help in such cases.

You will never be able to procure it without proper reference or prescription in most countries. It will be important for you to consult your physician as it requires a prescription in Canada and most of the other countries like North America, Australia and UK. Make sure you take it a few hours before bedtime so that the hormones are released in the blood stream before you go to bed. The body gets its own growth hormone while a person is asleep. If you take injection during the day or few hours before going to sleep – you will get both types of growth hormones to outlined muscles and  reformatyour body.

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