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Creating a Memorable Wedding Invitation

Creating a memorable wedding invitation can be easy for crafty brides and grooms to do. There are countless ideas that can be used to make any wedding invitation a memorable one.

A truly memorable wedding invitation is often based on the theme of the wedding or the type of wedding a couple is having. For example, a great choice for a destination wedding is to make the front of the invitation look like either a passport or an airline ticket. A beach wedding calls for appropriately themed wedding invitations featuring a dried out starfish attached to the front of the invitation or a hand drawn or printed starfish.

Creating a Memorable Wedding Invitation

The first step in creating any wedding invitation is choosing the paper for it. While wedding invitations used to be traditionally white, these days, couples are getting more creative with colors. In the passport example, a medium shade of blue paper is the first step to achieving the perfect effect. An airline ticket shaped invitation would call for white or off white paper.

A Las Vegas themed wedding lends itself to invitations in the shape of a casino chip or a pair of dice. This is where it becomes easier to play with colors, as certain table games found in Las Vegas casinos have colored chips. Couples just need to ensure that the invitation is big enough to fit all the relevant information in type that their guests will be able to easily read. Since these are unique invitations that could be difficult to mail, couples may have to deliver their Las Vegas invitations by hand.

It is still possible to create memorable wedding invitations using standard sized cards. Couples getting married on or near Valentine’s Day may choose to create invitations written in red or pink text with a ribbon lining the edges of the invitation. Even something this simple allows a couple to make their wedding invitations truly unique. Couples could even take an extra step and included a small perfume sample in the invitation, giving their invited guests something tangible to hold onto after the wedding day has come and gone.

Modern couples that don’t want the inconvenience of physically creating their own wedding invitations are often turning to websites where they can design the invitations and then have the needed amount printed out and sent to them. There are also software programs that couples can purchase to create their wedding invitations digitally. These programs include templates, fonts and photos as well as all the tools a couple needs to make edits to their wedding invitation design. Couples will find this gives them options they wouldn’t have otherwise and it can make creating memorable wedding invitations easy and fun. While many of these software programs are designed to help people create cards in general, there are different apps and software programs focused solely on creating wedding invitations.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to send something fun along with your wedding invitations! Nothing gets your guests more excited than something unexpected, so include a fun trinket like a glow in the dark balloon or even a few dirt cheap wedding sparklers so your guests can begin the celebration immediately. At your actual wedding, you always want to use the longest wedding sparklers that you can buy, but you will want shorter sparklers for your invitations since they have to go through the mail system. I promise you; it will be insanely memorable!

A little imagination is all it takes for couples to design a memorable wedding invitation to impress their guests. Just remember that your wedding invitations will be your guests’ first impressions of your big day, so you want them to be anything but run-of-the-mill.

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