Obesity in youngsters: is Android spy software solution?

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Android Spy Software – Obesity Contol Solutions for Parents

Sometimes it seems that young teenagers are not eating food for the living, they are living for eating. Eating unhealthy food cause health issues among youth. Obesity is directly proportional to the risk factor of health issues among the youngsters. Poor diet, lack of physical activity, obsession with the digital world and ill-disciplined life of young children has brought serious side effects among youth. Without knowing the consequences teenagers continue to be a victim of obesity.

Statistics of Obesity:

The one-Third population of the world is overweight and 13% of them are obese, according to the world health organization. Even the health profession, media and the mass educational campaigns regarding the advantages of proper diet and exercise does not make a difference and the ratio of obesity is increasing with the passage of time. We all know the benefits of healthy weight and having the physically active lifestyle; even then we don’t take care of eating unhealthy food and keep lacking physical activities which we should be. Most of the teenagers take 500-800 calories more than they actually needed and gain 1 and a half pound weight in the week. In the current world, food is present everywhere and the younger generation bombarded with food advertising.

Obesity increase health issues:

The obese teenagers are living with risk, because obesity may cause health hazards which can lead sudden death. It can cause heart strokes, diabetes, chronic diseases, gallbladder disease, gallstone, Gout, breathing problems like apnea and joint problems due to high weight.  These sorts of health risks are ignorable, so, parents should do something in order to prevent obesity.

BMI Classification: Obesity

It is the actually simple index of weight- for-height which is usually utilized to differentiate, underweight, overweight and those who are obese. We can define as weight in KG’s divided by the square of the height in meters. Let’s suppose that a young adult whose weight could be 70kg and height is 1.75m and have a BMI of 22.9
The values of the BMI don’t depend on age; it is same for both of the genders. Furthermore, body mass index doesn’t bother the quantity of fatness in different population due, apart from different body proportions. The increase in BMI increases the health risks and its interpretation of BMI regarding in relation to risk changes with the different populations.

Since last few years, there was a huge debate and loose talk to develop different sort of body mass index cut of points for different ethnic communities just because of the increasing evidence the linkage between the BMI, volume of body fats, and the distribution of varies around the populations. However, the health risks increase below the cut of point of 25kg/m2 which indicates the overweight in the current World Health Organization.

Obesity facts and figures according to “WHO”:

  • Obesity is increasing day by day and its figures doubled since 1080.
  • Almost one-third of words population is overweight and out of 13 percent are obese including young teenagers.
  • Currently, 35% young teenagers age 12 to 18 are obese or overweight 11 percent are obese.
  • Almost 65% of the world’s population is living in those countries where obesity kills more people overweight compare to underweight.
  • Obesity is the 5th most reason of global deaths.
  •  44% of diabetic patient, 23% of berating problems, 7% heart issues and 41% of the cancer patient are the victims of obesity.
  • According to the world Health Organization, 50 million young children under age of 5 are overweight

Is obesity preventable in teens? The answer is yes. Parents have to make rules to prevent obesity.

  • Guide their teens to eat healthy diet
  • Do some physical exercise
  • Create interest in real world
  • Make them follow a time schedule in their lives
  • Avoid excessive use of junk food
  • Don’t live a robotic life by using technology 24/7.

 TOS Android spy app helpful to prevent obesity in teens.

  • Most of the teenagers use to of eating junk food after coming from schools and if parents want to make a check on them then TheOneSpy App can monitor their GPS location through GPS tracking system of spy Android app with a complete time schedule.
  •  Bachelor parties on weekends teens take wine and unhealthy food.  You can use spyvidcam and make short videos of surroundings through back and front camera.
  • The user can use the spy on messages and spy on calls in case teens order something to eat which is unhygienic.

Hence, we can say that the TheOneSpy Android spy app can play a positive and effective role in the prevention of obesity from young teens without any side effect.

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