Top Home Remedies For Red Eyes

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“The eyes is the windows of the soul” which is totally true. Normally, your eyes will tell lots about your mood and your health. Hence, the eyes might have lots of problems that might come along. There are some diseases that people have constantly dealing with when having eyes fatigue such as allergy, dried eyes, black eyes and most of all, Red eyes.

Red EyesCauses of Red eyes

Red eyes are more likely to be known as an allergy that mostly caused by allergy, fatigue. In some cases of short-sighted people, red eyes are also triggered by constantly wearing contact lenses. Simply, Red eyes can also be triggered by allergies or those who have to work constantly in front of the television and their mobile phones.


Treatments for Red eyes

In order to get rid of black eyes, you had better acknowledge the causes of it then avoid these factors to stay safe with healthy eyes. For those who already have gone down with red eyes, it is better that you find ways and remedies to treat them since the beginning days.

Following are some tips and natural remedies you should make use of at home that has been highly recommended.

  1. Cold Compress

The most common way and simplest that many people have been trying is to use a cold compress. It is the cold that could work pretty effective in order to sooth the redness and calm your nerves. Therefore, red eyes would eventually go away without further side effects. This trick can immediately give you the better result.

Here is how:

  • You can grab some ice cubes from the fridge.
  • Wrap them in clean cloth then apply directly over the affected areas.
  • Leave it there for few minutes before changing the new one.

Repeat this every day until you find the satisfying result.

  1. Water

This might seems impossible but water is actually good for your overall health. The reason is that is can help to hydrating your body and one of the most common reasons for red eyes is dehydration. You are recommended to drink enough water on a regular basis, which means every day. Normally, you would need around 8 cups of water a day, similar to 1 liters of water.

  1. Cold Milk

Generally, cold things will help to soothe the redness almost right away. Similar to cold compress, cold milk will also be good for your overall health, especially for red eyes. It works just well to eliminate the itchiness as well as providing essentials nutrients to the skin within your eyes.

You are recommended to either apply cold milk pack over your eyes or alternatively, you could just drink cold milk every night before going to bed. Of Course, you will need to rinse off your mouth with water after that.

  1. Salt

Salt is a great ingredient that works just well to prevent bacteria around the eyes. The properties of salt are just great in providing quick anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory from red eyes, which will be known as the good cure for red eyes. The plus side is that salt will be super easy to apply as you only need to mix with water to apply all over the affected areas.

Here is how:

  • Mix few spoons of salt with water.
  • Mix them well then boil the mixture for about 15 minutes.
  • Leave it to cool down then wash your eyes with this mixture.
  1. Green Tea

Green tea is super powerful in dealing with things that related to anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. The best part of green tea is that can help soothe the eyes in just a short time without causing further side effects.

Here is how to apply:

  • After having green tea cup, do not throw the bags away.
  • Chill them in the fridge so that it can become cooler.
  • Wash your face then apply the bags over the affected areas.
  • Repeat this action for few times a day until you find the satisfied result.
  1. Cucumber

This water-based fruit can be a really helpful ingredient to soothe the pain and redness. Cucumber, in the meanwhile it can help to heal other problems of your skin, which is the reason why people have been making it essential green foods for ages now. You should make cucumber as the mask or simply make cut it into slices then apply all over eyes.

  • Choose one fresh cucumber from the fridge.
  • Wash them well then cut into slices.
  • Have these slices applied all over the face or simply the affected areas and leave it there for few minutes.
  • Rinsing off well with water after that if necessary.
  1. Rose Water

Along with minimizing the pores, rose water is also good for soothing red eyes. Its properties have calming effect that could help to sooth the redness and calm the nerves. Also, it will not cause any side effect for your information.

You could just need to add few drops of rose water into a cotton pad. Leave them in the fridge them apply over the eyes for cold effect with eyes closed. You can repeat this action few times a day until you feel the pain is soothed.

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