WhatsApp platform “Pinned Chats” Feature had arrived at Android

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WhatsApp application is an extremely famous chat service across all the platforms. Millions of people use it to send a countless of text and the media messages to their family and friends. However, there are some people on the contacts list of the users who are essential to them and need their chats to stay on the top of the chat list, unconcerned of new WhatsApp’s messages from others. Now, with the WhatsApp’s platform pinned chats feature, it is possible to send.


Available previously for beta users of the WhatsApp platform, the pinned chats specification lets the person who uses the service, fix chats of up to three contacts list on the top of any other chat. Therefore the users need to simply tap on the name and hold a chat, and therefore then tap the pin icon at the top of their WhatsApp application screen. To unpin a chat in your contact, then long press the pinned chat in your contact list and tap on the unpin button in the WhatsApp screen.

About unseen feature:

WhatsApp service is testing the send feature in the latest beta release of the WhatsApp application Web version of v0.2.4077. WhatsApp application is testing a couple of new features in its messaging application that is going to change the sending messages more easy to use than before.

The giant messaging application has long been rumored to be going up a new unused feature with it and that would admit the users to revoke and edit already sent messages in your chats.

According to the @WABetaInfo, the company is continuously testing the feature in a new beta which release of the WhatsApp application Web version of v0.2.4077, which will grant the users to send the sent messages within a 5 minute time event.

A detailed explanation of WhatsApp pinned chat feature:

Without any doubt, we can say, Whatsapp platform is an instant messaging service app. It has replaced the classical text messaging in your mobile phones, letting us the message right now.

Some other features of WhatsApp:

Whatsapp application has currently rolled out the WhatsApp application video call feature and the status specification and therefore in the status feature, we can post a photo or video status and therefore the status will disappear after the 24 hrs. And now it has launched the new specification called “Pinned Chats” feature.

About Whatsapp video calling features:

Whatsapp platform has replaced the messaging service and came out as an instant messaging service application. It is attracting many people by releasing the new updates to the application like WhatsApp group’s chats, WhatsApp web service, end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp audio call and so on.

Now the latest update by the Whatsapp application is new video calling feature. It is a much-anticipated feature and therefore it finally with a lot of testing the video call feature in the application is out. Therefore these new features are helping the many users to chat with face to face communication and can connect from any part of the world. Then the WhatsApp platform now introduced a feature called pinned chats. Let’s see what the specification this feature having and how can we use this by reading this article.

The reason behind WhatsApp application Pinned chat feature:

The important reason for this new feature of the application is, Every time a new text or media message comes from a contact of the user, newer contact is moved to the top of the conversation in the WhatsApp application.

And therefore the old chats conversation will go down moving the new chats to the top of our WhatsApp platform screen and if we want to send the message to the particular contact in our contact list, we have to search the contact every time, so this will help us.

We may have some essential contacts to the message frequently or favorite chats in your screen and with the newly launched update we can pin those chats to the top and if any new text or any media message comes from any contact in the WhatsApp application, those are pushed down the pinned chats in the screen.

Reports of the WhatsApp application testing new specification surface online every other work to add more functionalities to the famous messaging application, and a new study report suggests it is about to get the latest pinning feature in the application. The new WhatsApp application update for the Android beta users grants them to pin the chat conversations with the most commonly contacted friends on the top of the Chats screen. In the beta phase right now, the new WhatsApp application pinning specification had arrived the users and therefore many of them are using the new feature.

How to get the WhatsApp Pin feature to your mobile:

Android Police was the first one to shot the new WhatsApp platform pinning feature in the latest version of the Android beta and now it also available for the Android too; if you are running  with the WhatsApp beta for the Android versions of v 2.17.162 or v2.17.163, you’ll most likely be able to use the specification. Press on the individual or group chat on the list and you want to pin to the top of the chat screen and choose the Pin symbol which is from the top bar. The new WhatsApp application update carries another choice such as Delete, Mute the chat, and Archive as well, alongside Pin likewise.

Once you pin a conversation, it will continue on the top of your chat list in the application, without regard to your dialogue or the chat timings with the specific person or group involved with. Even though you have more recent WhatsApp application conversation with other person and the groups, you will see them after this pinned conversation with it. WhatsApp grants you to pin a maximum number of 3 chats only, after which it will show a notification that You can only pin up to 3 chats on the chat screen if you try to pin various chat.

You can also unpin the WhatsApp chat whenever you please, by long holding the option, and render inoperative the Pin button. As they noticed, this feature is in the latest WhatsApp application beta version and has gone up to stable versions.

One of the biggest highlights of the latest Pin feature in the application is that you once pin a conversation, it will continue on the top of your chat list screen, without regard to your message or the chat timings with the person or group concerned. Users will be able to see any new messages or the conversations which are following the pinned chats in WhatsApp application. We have also the other option called unpin and if you want to unpin the WhatsApp platform chats whenever you please, by long holding the option, and disabling the Pin button in it.

So, therefore, this new feature will help the people to keep the chats at the bottom of the chats list and this will help to save the time instead of searching the favorite contact among the contact list. Therefore this is only for the Android user and thus the iPhone have to wait for the new feature. Get an access to most interesting clone scripts through Zoplay and we also have the Whatsapp Clone Script like SCIMBO for you to try as well.

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